IT professionals have become an integral part of the hospitality industry since a lot of business in hotel sector comes through internet. Creating and developing websites, applications and booking platform for hotels, it is playing a bigger role in reviving the industry post 9/11.


After the 9/11 attack on America the travel industry suffered the most. It is understandable that the apprehension of travelers grow with such incident. If the industry had to stand at its old self it had to reinvent itself and take few serious steps to revive it. Many organizations took some innovative approaches to curb the slowdown in the wake of unfortunate incident by making required changes for better management of internal operations, with thought of increasing revenues.

The hotel business without any doubt suffered badly and profits of the hoteliers went down to a great extent, the situation was a little better for hotel industry in comparison to the airline sector. However, despite this an effort was required to revive the hotel industry and looking at the situation big hotel chains started making serious investment in their websites and online marketing and worked to streamline the advertising and promotion related activities.

In this, information technology played a vital role in pulling out a tremendous show for the hotel industry in the past decade. IT professionals and web developers of hotel technology platforms playing a significant role in the revival of the hotel business, behind the scene their role is to ensure smooth IT operation throughout the hospitality sector. While these professionals work from various locations in case of different small hotels, large scale hotel chains have their own IT departments to look after the needs. The on-site IT teams are normally on the payment roll of the hotel establishment and form integral part of the hotel staff. Here, nearly all the professionals come from the hospitality background along with IT qualification, thereby ensuring the right platform for the hotel business.

Since online hotel bookings and reservations play a key role in the modern day hotel business, IT will continue to play an integral part in the growth of hotel industry in the times to arrive. Hotelogix is one of the most trusted web based property management system that a number of IT managers in hotels are turning to for a smoother operation of their property.

While you are busy testing and trying various methods of online marketing, the affairs of the hotel, day-to-day activities, can be left to a reliable system. Hotelogix in this regard is one of the trusted property management systems that offers a comprehensive set of features to run a mid or small size hospitality business in an efficient manner.


Gradually the whole dynamics of marketing has changed. Online marketing or marketing on internet has emerged as a significant marketing tool in the hands of marketers and hotel establishments. Considering the change which appears around the world in the present age of internet, the very basis of its popularity is real time connectivity and dissemination of information faster than ever, online marketing exploits the connectivity which internet provides and it plays a major role in connecting the potential customers which are just a click away from the mouse. But to make the most from online marketing one need to be aware of following strategies that can take the hotel’s online marketing plans to the next level. It is to note that some of them might look simple and easy, they are often overlooked for the same in the whole scheme but using them will help tremendously in building greater rapport.

Awareness is half battle won

For a successful strategy for an entity, it is of highest significance that one should remain up to date with the emerging and latest tricks of the trade. Being aware and informed about how other businesses are going about their strategies can play a major role in determining the level of investment in certain schemes of online marketing. Assessment of such small details will help in building successful business position in the market.

It is important to assess and review an online marketing method for the hotel as it determines the outcome, if it works best for the hotel. To analyze what is working for others requires a good study of strategies being already followed by some of the hotel business owners. You can, thereafter, focus on key methods applied by them to get an edge over their competitors. Once the clear picture has arrived, you will be capable of allocating your resources in a more beneficial manner.

Identification of Goals and Targets

To have a better strategy in place in online marketing you need to identify you goals first with the respect to each method that you are going to use in your business plan. Whether you are going to initiate bran building – online, or want to establish your relationship with different channels of online booking and the clients or you want to increase visibility and traffic or just business using internet marketing. If you are clear in your objective of online marketing then you will be able to focus on the methods of online marketing that will help you to achieve.

Well defined goals lead to a clear thought. Once you are aware of what you actually want to achieve, you can use the resources and methods in best possible way to accomplish your goals.

Perseverance is the key

Often people give up in between as online marketing takes time and acts unpredictably. However, it is very important to understand that you have to deal patiently with it in order to get the best results. As we said that it is a time consuming exercise and unpredictable in nature, you will see the positive outcome if you deal with it in a patient manner. The success of the online marketing lies with your commitment to the plan until the time you see any concrete result, either success or failure. It is understandable, sticking with one strategy or plan can be testing considering the worldwide scenario of the hotel market.

It depends whether you tweak or readjust your strategies accordingly, if they are seemingly not bearing any fruitful result in expected time it becomes important to consider changes.

To conclude the whole affair of online marketing, especially in terms of hotel marketing, it is entirely a different ball game if compared to the conventional methods applied in marketing. This is a significant point (difference) that all needs to keep in mind.


Boom in technology has touched every business and hospitality industry is no different when it comes to using the technology for better results. It is that effect which is making more and more midsize and small hotel owners using property management system (PMS) for an effective and efficient functioning of their property. A PMS is an application/software which is designed specifically keeping in mind the needs and requirements of hotel business. It basically makes things easy for the hotel and its staff by providing them with necessary tools and resources to ensure smooth running of hotel’s amenities and facilities, therefore making sure better services for the guests.

Apartment Management System

Property management system can be of great help in creating an environment for better performance of the various activities in a hotel, including reservation & booking, inventory management, housekeeping, room services, billing and accounting, report generation, marketing, promotion and etc. Considering the fact that Hotel PMS is a competitive tool that helps in the better performance of various tasks of a hotel establishment, it should be properly integrated to meet the desired result for a hotel.

The hotel property management software should ideally come with all necessary features that can be required to make life easier for the staff and employees of the hotel and help them to achieve high efficiency in real time. Let’s check some of the reservation features of a property management system which is said to be a revolutionary step in hotel industry. There are various features in a PMS which should be implemented and integrated with other functionalists of the hotel. Determining its advantages there are some elements to consider including facilitation of creation and updation of reservation for the business, in groups and individual as well. Further, the PMS system should come with other functions that help in tracking important factors like room confirmation, room cancellations, deposits, room blocking, waiting-list etc.

Efficiency of a property management system will be measured with the fact that whether it offers assistance in analysis, forecasting and control of room rates. These features are a must for a compatible PMS in today’s hotel business. It helps in determining the future course of action required to increase revenue of the hotel. Moreover, these features enhance the chances to have a competitive edge over competitors by managing a competitive rate in the market. Furthermore, there should be additional feature for management that could help them in making sound business decisions and understanding whether they can draw better revenue from their property. If not, then the system must have the ability to generate reports that can help in taking corrective steps.

Another important character that a successful PMS should offer is – profile handling. The main purpose of this is to keep a better record of all groups, guests, agents, sources, business accounts and other important contacts that is required for a successful running of a hotel. Room management is a key feature that helps the hotels to track the housekeeping, maintenance, and facility management. Whereas, the accounting feature of a PMS is used to look after the accounting function like billing, invoicing, payments, account research etc. In PMS the reporting feature has its own importance as it is basically used to generate reports for management, which are then used to take critical and important business decisions aimed to improve the overall functioning of the business.

Before making a final decision about purchasing a property management system, you must ensure that you are well aware of your hotel needs. Once you are sure of your need make a list of all features that you would require to enhance the efficiency of your hotel business and then invite different providers with quotations. At the end of the whole process of finalizing a compatible PMS, conduct comprehensive research and do comparative analysis to decide on a specific software provider which will give you the value of your money.

It is beyond doubt that the right set of skills and right approach, an ascending change in hospitality market is inevitable, is a clear indicative of universal growth. However, it is also important to give emphasis on the criterion required to achieve such growth. Remember that growth in itself invites the need for up-gradation of existing set up, including hotel reservation software of the hotel property. To understand the process in a better way one must appreciate the need of up-graduation of your hotel reservation software, it is recommended that you should ask yourself a few questions as given below:


  1. The first and foremost question that needs an answer is that does your hotel reservation software addresses certain problems/situation properly or not due or the lack of flexibility and provision in the system makes you overlook such issues?


  1. Does your hotel reservation software often hangs up – a technical problem exists with software – and shows incapability to run the process in multiple set of instruction from different location at the same time? Does this happen regularly than before?


  1. Is your hotel reservation software compatible with the latest technologies? The current version of operating system (OS) which you are using is up-to-date version or least used version of OS?


  1. Up-gradation of the software offers new and latest features to enhance the results. Have you upgraded the software to benefit your business in your daily business operations as it smoother the experience?
  2. Do you think that there is a chance that you might end up running into file format issues which may in the event make you to open the back up for the current property management system at the work station?

For the above questions if your answer is not in affirmation then read further to formalize yourself with the benefits of upgrading your hotel reservation software regularly:

Normally, the team set up to look after the software development works tirelessly to find and introduce new features and better functionality into the existing version of applications. Regularly upgrading your hotel reservation system will make the best use of the new features and also improve the efficiency of your process, as the upgraded version looks into the previous flaws of the software – consistent improvement – eliminating bugs associated with older version of the software. Overall the results are emphatic as it provides a smoother and seamless version of the hotel reservation software. Regular update is recommended for a faster and hassle-free operation of the software for hotel, as the new version of the software will be compatible with the latest technologies. In addition to this, the upgrades will also take into account the changes in property’s infrastructure, for example – update/renovated utilities, added numbers of rooms, latest rent structure, new facilities, different types of rooms, menu updates, billing system etc.


The latest updates and up-gradation of your hotel software will not only make it more powerful, strong and able but also enable your users to stay updated with the latest technologies/features added up and made available in the market. The latest updates will further enhance the software and make the system more compatible with the new age computer peripherals/equipment. All this will define the customer satisfaction.


If you really want to gain from the hotel reservation software and want to maximize the results, it is vital that you upgrade and maintain the system on regular basis without a miss. This will not only keep your hotel or business up-to-date with the time but also enhance the employee morals and customer satisfaction.

In the very beginning of 21st century it was getting evident that internet will play an important role in taking product and services to a new heights. The advent of internet has somewhat revolutionized the way world conducts its everyday business. Hospitality industry being a service sector hasn’t remained untouched with such a surge of users of internet. Online hotel reservations gradually become a regular medium and anyone going for reservation on arrival form of booking looked upon as ‘behind the time’ person today. To put it simple and more easy to understand, technology has made hotel reservations easier, more comfortable and hence, more popular.

Increasing dependency on technology to manage properties has also played a major role in putting high expectation on an evolving technology where different types of hotel management software are being produced. But, here one of the more important aspects of property management software requires to be pointed out that it needs to be all inclusive in nature and functions; capable of managing properties of all sizes and types. In addition, the booking mechanism should be made easy for the visitors. The front desk operation needs to be integrated well in order to have an efficient facilitation for the administrator of the property. Moreover, the software must support multiple properties and multiple currencies which can be managed effectively from different locations.

One of the major purposes of implementing property management software is to minimize the use of paper work and replace them with an intelligent system that can keep customer’s data safe and provide them whenever needed without any delay. The details and trends of reservation allows the user to give personalize touch in dealing with visitors.
Here are some important features of efficient hotel management software:


  • Efficient and Effective Check in and Check Out
  • An inclusive front desk interface for an easy access
  • Easy web booking system, offering multiple rates and group booking
  • Safe and secure payment gateway that can process credit/debit card transactions
  • Multiple POSs (Point of Sales) terminals to be used in handling room service, restaurant, Spas and etc.
  • Efficient account maintenance
  • More effective reporting and management of housekeeping
  • 24×7 support which can be accessed without any difficulty

Since internet is one of the most accessible platform for sales and purchase of goods and services, today it is full with free to download hotel management software that are available in the market. But to buy or download software related to hotel you must exercise caution when deciding to download and install software for your hotel’s computers. The software available on internet is often infected which can damage the hotel computer system. The risk of malicious codes and viruses do not come from the developers of the software but from other sources, while the softwares available in the market are outrageously expensive and are only affordable to the big hotel units.

When you opt to buy PMS software for your property there are key issues that should be kept in mind while making the decision. Consider the specific requirements of the business and the day to day operations of the hotel. You will need to analyze and review it to determine whether it will really be able to ease the process of the hotel business or it would instead end up being a liability which can cause great damage to your hotel’s reputation and goodwill. It is always advisable that you carry out tests of the software for a specific period of time. It will help you to assess the capabilities and flaws of the software to further enable you to use the customization in software, if necessary.

Appearance in hotel business is of great importance. The first impression is the last impression, as the saying goes build up the reputation in the eyes of the guests who are visiting the hotel or property.



We all may agree not to judge a book by its cover, but of course there are certain areas where presentation really matters. In hotel industry, polished presentation and attractive demonstration is important to the success. Everything about your property will be evaluated through presentation – photographs and reviews, before a guest decides to purchase a room in your property. If your room looks out dated, your lobby dirty and filthy or your restaurant looks cramped, guests will make initial judgement about your property and that will never be in your favor. The same applies to your hotel staff too. They must look professional and presentable because they are an integral part of your property, i.e. Hotel.

It is quite understandable that some hotels don’t get time from managing their property for training and grooming of their staff, you should know that the appearance of your staff is as vital as choosing of the right management software or creating better revenue plan. When it comes to your employee’s demean our, uniform and personal grooming habits, staff should follow a strict dress code so they can be recognized as the face of the hotel. It will be a make or break the impression of your hotel.


Grooming is an important aspect of the presentation and appearance of your staff in front of the guests. While it requirements vary between men and women, it is important for both of them to look clean and presentable while they are on the task. Make sure all your employees know the importance of the dress code, and provide them with a clear outline of what is expected. Give guideline for both men and women that dictate appropriate hairstyle, accessories and shoes. You may even dictate a detailed outline for the choice of color of the nail polish, the appropriate amount of make-up for women or asking employees to wear deodorant.


The physical appearance of your hotel staff helps to maintain the overall appearance of your property, but the way they act also contributes to the reputation and glory of the hotel. Employees should be encouraged to report on duty a little more than 10 minutes before their shift. This provides ample time give the last minute touch up to overall appearance of the individual staff and it shall also be made known to act courteously with the guests, it is an outline code of conduct that needs to be followed by employees.

As hotelier, it is your duty to push your employees through incentivizing to perform better. Those who receive high praise from guests or continually meet or exceed expectations should be rewarded for their efforts.

You need to make sure that your property puts in the best foot forward in entertaining the guests, from the physical property down to the employees working on it.


The FIFA World Cup is around the corner. The event which is scheduled to begin on June 12 in Brazil is expected to attract nearly 6,00,000 foreigners into the country. In a few days people from across the world will start swarming to find a place to stay al through the world cup matches. With this huge influx of tourists believed to visit Brazil, the country is preparing to ensure that fans have the best of their times during the tournament. As the games go on, fans from across the globe will want everything related to football. The hospitality industry will benefit the most from the games.

Let your guests know your property is as excited about every match as they are. World over football fans are the devoted lot and they do not want to miss a single beat or thump from the football field. There are innumerable ways to get into the footballing spirit, and many of them do not take a lot of efforts or investment. Since there are millions or visitors are expected to come and so very few hotel rooms available to host them, most hotels are guaranteed to have a full house. But by offering an exceptional experience and extra amenities, hotels may earn repeat customers or sell a few upgrades to guests.

If you are thinking of making your hotel a football fan’s paradise, take a few steps or ideas for a test run:

Provide shuttle transportation to and from the stadium – it is fact that most of the football fans will be coming from different part of the world and they are most likely not to be aware of the area very well. This will be difficult for them to move around. Hotels providing transportation will make them feel safer. The convenience factor that it brings on the table will make the stay memorable to the guests. They won’t have to wait out for cabs and pay extra fares.

Install a big screen in the hotel so fans can watch matches – it is no way possible for the fans to watch every match in the stadium, even for those who have made it to Brazil for the matches. For those who are running late or taking a day of rest, provide them the option to watch the match surrounded by fellow guests in the comfort of the hotel.

Create special packages for the event – This is an old trick but works every time. Offer packages after popular football themes, countries or players. Create package upgrade as well with complimentary meals, a free night or a larger suite.

Sell fan gear and souvenirs at the front desk or gift shop if you have one on your property – Souvenirs are just memories one takes home from one place. There are plenty of fans who will want to have festive gears when they attend the matches but won’t like to roam around in the town to find it. Make it easy for them and bring it right to your front desk.

This very well suggests that you are spirited about the sports. Since you bring the spirit of the game into your property, a lot of fans will come to the front desk for the same. Make sure that you leave the best possible impression on the fans about Brazilian hospitality industry.


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