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Technology has evolved to a level where there are multiple channels available today to promote the hotel rooms. Unlike earlier days, hoteliers don’t have to worry about their rooms being unsold or overbooked. Most hotels either use an outdated system or legacy system wherein the rates have to be manually updated or few other hoteliers still work on the pen and paper methods which lead to multiple errors. It is hard to keep an account of all these channels and it is manually impossible to change the room rates every now and then. This is where cloud based channel manager integration is helpful for hoteliers to organize and track open rooms and bookings. A fully-integrated channel management solution of a hotel system is versatile, relevant for any property type and size.

The channel manager interface is seamlessly integrated into the front desk so when a room availability is changed on the front desk, the same gets updated across all channels. There is no delay in room updates with cloud managers. There will be no rate parity issues because the hoteliers will have remote access with the revenue managers. The staff will not be required to manually enter the reservation details as the information will be automatically saved on cloud. This in turn will double up the bookings whilst giving the liberty to your guests to book the room of their choice. The advantages of a cloud based channel manager are invaluable. The 2-way interface automatically updates the room nights across channels with the assurance that rates/packages are being fed accurately.

The hotel booking software when integrated with the channel manager will be able to communicate information that is stored without having the need of a server. There are minimal barriers when the two connect on cloud and the data gets stored in a safe, secure and manageable way. Once the distribution system is streamlined, hoteliers can easily focus on other aspects like brand enhancement, ROI and revenues.

Technology has changed the facet of the hotel industry and the nicest gift it has given the hoteliers is a cloud based hotel system. The software has helped hoteliers establish a brand identity in the global markets with improved services.

Hospitality industry is all about rendering guests with the best of services that ultimately leads to enhanced brand reputation. However, many hotels begin by providing quality services but gradually face a dip in their service quality. This is mainly because of hotels that still rely on manual procedures to run their operations. Manual processes lead to silly errors which are unavoidable and often put your hotel’s reputation at jeopardy. Therefore, it is important for hotels to automate their operations to avoid any bad incidents of errors.

Technology like a hotel pms streamlines crucial operations, eliminates errors, frees up staff time and above all is accessible from any remote location so one doesn’t have to be present in the property throughout. Nowadays, pms comes with customizable features for hoteliers to be more organized and efficient while rendering services. The cloud based pms is the most ideal hotel software that helps in organizing and maintaining the property and such well-maintained properties can always attract a lot of guests who prefer the A-class service.

The latest technology present in the hotel software offers features such as booking engine, front desk management, housekeeping, night audit reports etc. On the other hand, a centralized Distribution System offers Channel Management, GDS, TripConnect and more such features that help hoteliers to sell their inventories across channels and build the brand presence, globally.

The online reservation and booking feature is one of the most important features of the hotel system. The booking engine is a revenue generator for the hotel and a convenient tool for the guests who prefer to book online. Manually reserving the rooms or through traditional travel agents is a passé. Nowadays, the combination of internet and technology has made it easy for travelers to search and book hotels online and for the hoteliers to connect to more and more guests. If guests go through travel agents, they have to pay a fee to them for their services and on the other hand, hotels will have to pay commissions to the travel agents. This way both the guests and hotels end up losing their money. But if you look at technology, online reservation doesn’t require a third party involvement in making a booking. On the more, guests are given the liberty to choose their own dates, rooms and hotels while the hotels can sit back and rake in their revenues through advance bookings.

hospitality managemetn system

In the last decade, there have been significant changes in the hospitality industry which has raised the standard of the products. Many hotel pms providers are feeling the impact and are developing quality products so that they can meet the rising demand of the hospitality industry.

There are many new hotel properties that have come up in the recent years and the competition is rife in the hospitality industry. Hotels are opting for automated services that will improve the standard of services and provide flawless experience to the guests. New-age, web-based technologies like hotel property systems are helpful in providing an online reservation and booking platform to the guests. Revenue generation mostly depends on the kind of occupancy your hotel attracts, therefore, it is important to note how crucial it is for the pms providers who are dealing in the software development.

The primitive pms system (legacy and outdated systems) offer basic features like online reservation, housekeeping, front desk but these are not enough to help a hotel grow in the surging demand and competition. The new-age PMS providers are developing features that could help small hotels stay afloat in the competition. There are customizable features which let hoteliers add or minus features as per their requirement, thus, reducing the cost incurred for the new application or features. There is a lot of competition in the hotel PMS business, you just have to look out for the right developer.

When choosing a property management system, look for a cloud based system that will provide you anywhere, anytime accessibility so that you can handle your hotel tasks even from a remote location. Another important thing you need to look out for is the support and service standards. Make sure you opt for a PMS provider that offers round-the-clock support system that will help you fix last minute glitches or technical issues. Nowadays, most pms providers offer online support and assistance to help you run your hotel’s automated system, error-free.

hotel property management systems

When you invest in a property management system, you evaluate the software and its features but how often do you review the quality of support and training services provided by the vendor?

Running a hotel is a challenge because it requires 24×7 support. Your hotel business depends on the systems that handle your day-to-day chores and guests. Your staff has to get use to the system in order to run your business efficiently and provide a satisfying guest experience. Therefore, training and support is vital and it also helps lowering the risk to your business.

Before you finalize on the PMS vendor, it is advisable to evaluate the extent of quality provided in training and support. Keep the following questions in mind when you sign the contract with your vendor:

For Support

What are the options available for support?

Will the support fee be charged when there are any upgrades made to the system?

Will the vendor be available round the clock for any assistance?

If not, then what are the regular hours for support?

How much time will it take to process the request made via emails or phone calls?

Does the vendor have a support ticketing system for faster resolution of issues?

Do you maintain a history of the resolved inquiries?

Do you have a self-support website for your employees to raise tickets and access the solutions database?

For Training

Will you provide regular trainings on the software and if yes, then what are the mediums?

Will you provide on-site or off-site training?

Can you provide references of other hoteliers who have received training and support from you?

Will the new staff be given the training?

Will the training be included in case of system upgrades and new software installations?

Are there any demos available online?

Find out the answers to the above questions before finalizing on your vendor. Look for ratings by references on how they have rated the customer support and training and how much time did they take to resolve the issues. This will give hoteliers an insight about the quality of service provided by these hotel property management providers.

hotel management software to attract guests

Hotel industry works towards attracting more guests. Gone are those days when connecting with guests used to be only through flashy advertising campaigns and promotions. In today’s digitally charged world, hotels must be present in the online marketplace to attract both local and international tourists.

Hotels have to invest in latest technology to increase their brand’s visibility. A hotel software will automate all crucial hotel functions, sell the rooms globally on multiple platforms, attract more travelers to the property and help hoteliers provide guests a satisfying experience.

A Global Distribution System (GDS) helps hoteliers showcase their room information and rates on leading OTAs such as Expedia, Booking.com and more. Travelers usually book their rooms on OTAs rather than directly booking on the hotel’s website. Therefore, hotels need to be present on all the channels as OTAs have the ability to engage with guests thereby helping hoteliers compete globally with other hotels.

In fact OTAs represent 38% of the global online market and 13% of the total market. OTAs provide a powerful platform for both hoteliers and travelers, irrespective of the language and time zone barriers. Their round-the-clock accessibility makes them a leader so it is important for hotels to stay be listed on the OTAs to attract potential guests.

A well-integrated cloud hotel system can help market your property globally. A built-in GDS feature will provide the hotelier with seamless connectivity to international OTAs. Hoteliers, no longer have to be dependent on their staff to handle their operations as a PMS will co-ordinate the entire process on the hotel’s behalf. This will give the hotel staff a lot of free time to focus on guests.

In today’s era, where everyone relies on technology for booking hotel rooms, flights, shopping or paying bills, it is quite evident that a hotel property management system should be regarded as more than just a system that helps hotels streamline daily operations. Distribution System is a perfect example of how hotels can attract guests, drive in more revenues and provide an international exposure.

Online software for motels is a necessity if a motel wants to secure their business in today’s competitive environment. The software offers automated reservations and booking platform for motel business to grow and earn more revenue from the business.


The hospitality business is churning out billions every year. The increase in the number of people utilizing hospitality services is plainly due to the easy access facilitated by the internet. Since the internet provides real time information easily, it assures any user the right to access the required facts information at any given time and place. This is the simple reason for surge in the travel and tourism industry. The number of online users is increasing every day; most surprisingly a good number is searching for travel and tourism information, which is directly or indirectly influencing the hospitality industry tremendously.

It is a common tendency for people who move out of their place to look for accommodation and different services like eating places, food joints and rest rooms. In this regard motels play an evident role in serving transient travellers.

Motels are an important unit of the hospitality business. This hospitality model basically provides the customers, guests or visitors, a place to stay and other accommodation facilities. A motel business relies heavily on booking and reservation of the rooms by customers. Prior to the introduction of online software for motels, there was manual booking and reservation but that normally didn’t benefit the motel business, reason being- for facilitating booking and reservation a middle man would charge a commission amount.

The online software for motels is quite helpful for the motel management system. The software helps the management to organize their business and with the help of software they can introduce online bookings and reservations to facilitate an easy to access, comfortable system of booking. But, for a motel owner it is always important to find a reliable motel software that doesn’t come with a lot of problems, issues and is guaranteed of running without glitches.

There are a number of providers for online software for motels. Every vendor has a different price for the software. One needs to understand that quality should not be compromised, but just the same a costly price does not imply it is high quality product. Hence, before buying the software from an online vendor the motel owners are required to go through different reviews posted online to get a fair idea of the product.

Reliable online software for motels comes with 24×7 services. It is more secure to buy the services, if the software provider is offering real time services as well. Since softwares are programs they often software glitches which can affect the motel’s online customers.

Online software for motels is foremost important for the motel business, because it facilitates booking and reservations which is an essential part of the motel business. By having a reliable system, motels can assure their guests and visitors a comfortable booking experience. Moreover as the software is online any technology update is automatically updated by the system.

Technology is the cure to many ills of housekeeping that leads to loss in business. The housekeeping software for hotels is a tool that helps the hotels to organize the housekeeping to serve the customers in better way. Hotelogix’s cloud PMS is saving hoteliers’ time and labour whilst efficiently executing your housekeeping agenda positively. Subscribe to our zero-sign up plan, and effortlessly enjoy the tool to perfect housekeeping!



Competition not just yields new plans and a set of new strategies to handle the market fluctuations and competitors. But, it also conceives new ideas to lift the business. Since we are living in a technology driven world, the best and foremost reliable thing which we can look up to is apt and precise technology to boost businesses. The hospitality industry is one of the most competitive markets these days; we are seeing an exponential rise in travel and tourism activities which directly influence the industry. Hence, it is advisable for the hospitality related businesses to reorganize and work on the services to attract the customers and take the benefit home.

However, the first question is- what technology a hotel would require to make their service more efficient? We need forget that housekeeping in a hotel business or any hospitality business is the nucleus and foremost important to keep the guests and visitors dually satisfied and happy. It will be great to give housekeeping higher impetus and influence through technology, to bring better services on the table for customers. For this, housekeeping software for hotels is an apt tool for hoteliers who want to stay ahead in the competition and earn good revenue.

The housekeeping software for hotels is conceived and designed after considering the needs and requirements of the hotels. There are also tailor-made customized solutions in housekeeping software, to meet the demand of any specific nature in certain hotels. Customization comes into the picture after looking at the size and nature of hotel business because different sizes of like; mid-size, small-size and big-size hotels have different requirements as they cater to a different number of guests and visitors. Therefore, customization is an apt solution for hotels who intend to organize housekeeping and its functioning.

It is the duty of the housekeeping to prepare the rooms for the guests and visitors before they arrive. Once guests arrive they leave no room for the housekeeping to do different activities like mopping, cleaning and other things. It is never a good precedent to overlook housekeeping when handling a hotel business. Delay in cleaning and preparation of rooms can leave the guests and visitors fuming which is normally not good for business.

In any hospitality business the role of housekeeping is wide from cleaning of the rooms to making of the whole premise hygienic to make visitors and guests feel comfortable and at peace. Unarguably the housekeeping software for hotels makes thing easier to handle. The software also provides the hotels with online reservation and booking features which enables the hotels to increase the hotel occupancy to many folds.

Since hotel housekeeping software is an automated tool, it reduces the number of human labor that was earlier inputted to finish a job. Simultaneously, it drastically cuts down the time taken to execute tasks.


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